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  • Ben Kingsley
  • Empathising With Icons

    Sometimes, an actor’s portrayal of someone real is just so lifelike or evocative; you forget you’re watching a work of fiction at all.  I do at least. Reading an article in Total Film this morning got me thinking about how … Continued

  • President Obama
  • Obama’s Assertive Address

    As a potential resolution to the Syrian situation seems to be emerging, no resolution is actually guaranteed. Obama addressed the nation on the 10th about potential air strikes on Syria. Was his speech effective? Only time will really tell, but … Continued

  • Fracking in Progress
  • Fracked Leadership

    Fracking is an issue for both the US and UK, and has divided communities and politicians alike. In the UK some see it as an economic opportunity which will return a degree of energy autarky and cut the price of … Continued

  • 11th Sept 468px-David_Frost_Rumsfeld_interview_cropped
  • RIP Sir David Frost

    Sir David Frost died unexpectedly recently, and it’s worth remembering him as the fine journalist he was. Through his illustrious career he interviewed 8 British UK Prime Ministers and 7 US Presidents, as well as the last Shah of Iran … Continued

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